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Episode 4 - Your Sphere of Influence

Episode 4 - Your Sphere of Influence

April 28, 2021

Recognising your sphere of influence – how to spur improvement

This time, co-founders Dr Na’eem Ahmed and Lara Mott talk to hat-juggling Dr Dominique Allwood, who is Deputy Director of Strategy and Improvement at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, and Assistant Director of Improvement at The Health Foundation. She was recently seconded to the NHS Nightingale Hospital, London where she was Medical Director for Nightingale Two.

From her journey into clinical leadership, through to the role that healthcare professionals and their organisations can play in improving people’s health in a broader social sense, we talk careers, improvement and more. Hear Dominique’s thoughts on:

  • Challenging bias, mentoring and forging a hybrid career path in healthcare
  • Maintaining optimism ten years on from the Marmot review – considering what you can influence here and now
  • The difference between biology and biography in terms of health outcomes
  • Helping and anchor institutions add social value without it becoming a box-ticking exercise
  • Making equity issues visible and allowing a safe space in which to discuss them
  • Integration with social care and really understanding an individual’s healthcare journey
  • How tech can help us notice and respond
  • Why we need to get better at gathering insight and nuance to build a culture of compassion.

Plus, a Small but Mighty solution to the many challenges of working with PPE - for staff and patients.

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Episode 3 - Look for the Shining Eyes

Episode 3 - Look for the Shining Eyes

March 19, 2021

Co-founders Na’eem Ahmed and Lara Mott talk to the hugely charismatic and inspiring Gerard Harkin – Head of Innovation at Roche Diagnostics – about all things innovation and keeping the passion alive.

What’s the worst thing that can happen? That’s the attitude Gerard believes we all need to embrace when we think about problem solving. We all make mistakes and sometimes sticking your neck out is the only way to implement change. Find out:

  • Why innovation isn’t just about tech
  • How to embrace change at scale
  • Why experimentation and not fearing failure need to be in a company’s DNA
  • How igniting a passion for potential should run from top to bottom
  • Why you need to question your assumptions and back up everything with evidence
  • How giving everyone permission to try things out is game-changing
  • Why hierarchy can impede organisations
  • Whether seniority of role should be the deciding factor in who leads
  • And where diversity and inclusion fits into the picture

Fundamentally, it’s about giving everyone permission to try new things but also about highlighting the successes. Keeping your teams’ eyes shining with a real love of possibility is crucial. It’s a cultural thing.

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Episode 2 - Why multidisciplinary alliance is the way forward: the CEO’s view

Episode 2 - Why multidisciplinary alliance is the way forward: the CEO’s view

February 8, 2021

This time, co-founders Dr Na’eem Ahmed and Lara Mott talk to Dr Peter Carter, OBE – mental health expert and the former Chief Executive of the Royal College of Nursing – about great leadership in global healthcare.

Having worked in 32 different locations across the world – remotely and on the ground – Dr Carter is uniquely placed to identify what really works, wherever you’re based. And he believes that it comes down to a very simple principle. Every single person, clinical or non-clinical, contributes to patient experience. Everybody is important. Staff want to be able to contribute, to feel valued and, ultimately, to be respected. 

We discuss the best ways to support frontline staff in the ongoing pandemic and how small shifts really can create waves. Showing empathy to employees, developing a no-blame culture and allowing recovery time – however over-stretched staffing is – are crucial for the future. As is taking the good things we’ve adopted with us (‘It took a crisis to get people to use video conferencing,’ Peter marvels). Discover some of the stand-out experiences Peter has had through his long and distinguished career. Find out why chief execs shouldn’t start sweeping with their new broom from day one, and why multidisciplinary is the watchword of the day…

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Episode 1 - The Art of Possible

Episode 1 - The Art of Possible

January 27, 2021

How do you build a start-up around change? And why would you start a tech company without prior tech experience? Because helping the NHS to improve is a mission ImproveWell’s co-founders live and breathe. And because anything is possible.

Na’eem Ahmed is a consultant radiologist in London and Lara Mott studied pharmacology at university, and has a background in biotech and healthcare investment. They went to the same school in Kingston upon Thames, London, and met up after 12 years when Na'eem asked Lara to help on a charity project. At the same time he was thinking about ways to to capture feedback from junior doctors via an app. That was four years ago. There have been plenty of ups and downs since, but surrounding themselves with a great team has been vital.

Na’eem’s frontline role in the NHS gives him the perfect chance to hone the app to respond to everyday challenges on the wards. ‘That perspective is one of the things that keeps us fresh and relevant,’ he says. Breaking down communication barriers to make change in real-time has excited customers, practitioners and the people working with them. This introduction is just the start of a story that seeks to inspire others. There’s much more to come…

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